Our History

Mobile Meals is a non-profit organization that delivers hot, nutritious noontime meals to the elderly, homebound, and convalescing citizens of Stillwater. The meals are delivered by volunteers Monday through Friday. The goal of the Mobile Meals program is to help people maintain their independence and continue to live in their own homes as long as possible. By providing nourishing meals and friendly concern, we strive to improve the quality of life for those we serve.

Mobile meals is not a government agency and does not receive any federal or state funding. Mobile Meals is supported by the United Way and the Stillwater community.

A study group of the First Presbyterian Church of Stillwater discovered that there were people in our community that were hungry. They found that poverty was not always the cause of a person being hungry. Many times, physical inability to cook and prepare adequate meals, as well as loss of appetite due to medication or social isolation may interfere with good nutrition.

A committe was formed to plan how to have home delivered meals in Stillwater. Early in 1972, the committee asked the Stillwater Medical Center to sponsor the program. The pilot project of 12 clients was a great success. As a result of this success, the program was allowed to continue. In 1980, Mobile Meals became a United Way agency.

Mobile Meals charged $1.00 per meal when the program began and now the meals are $3.50 - an increase of only $2.50 over the 40 years of serving meals. If a client cannot afford the full cost of the meal, arrangments are made to fit their budget. We do not want the price to prohibit anyone from receiving Mobile Meals.

We averaged 67 meals a day with 12 routes from 1991 to 2003 delivering Monday through Friday, including holidays. In July of 2003, there was a big increase in people needing assistance. Consequently, we increased the number of routes from 12 to 13 and one month later had to add our 14th route. This increased our daily meal count average to 85 meals a day.

Mobile Meals delivers more than a hot, nutritious meal, we also provide companionship on a daily basis. For many of our clients, the only people they see regularly are the Mobile Meals volunteers. In 1991, we began a homebound book delivery service in conjunction with the Stillwater Public Library. Clients provide the homebound librarian with the information needed to start them receiving books, videos, music, etc. The librarian will deliver the requested items to the Mobile Meals office and the volunteer driver will deliver them to the client along with their meal.

In 1993, we began the Second Helpings Program in cooperation with the Stillwater Medical Center Nutrition Services Department. This program is designed to help the clients of the Mission of Hope in Stillwater by providing them with frozen food once a week.

In the fall of 1999, we began an agreement with the Stillwater Life, Adult Day Care Center top provide lunch to their clients Monday through Friday.

In 2005, Mobile meals teamed up with the Stillwater Milling Company to provide our clients with a free bag of pet food once a month.

Mobile Meals clients receive tremendous help and support from the Stillwater community. We have the United Way "Day of Caring" volunteers, numerous OSU students, and many churches and businesses that give of their time to help our clients maintain their yards and homes.

Mobile Meals is dependent on the unselfish efforts of our volunteers who have delivered over half a million meals to the citizens of Stillwater over the course of our 40 years of serving. They are dedicated people of all ages who provide a needed and worthwhile service to Stillwater.

Nutrition programs, such as Mobile Meals, help to maintain an individual's well being while allowing them to stay at home. We are positive that nutrition programs need to be supported and expanded, and may well be among our most wisely spent public dollars.